Sniper Freedom

Game name : Sniper Freedom

Author: ahjee!

Description: One mean dude wants out of prison, and it's your job to help! Use your superior sniper skills to make the perfect getaway. But be careful; one false shot and you're caught!

Instructions: mouse to aim and fire

Category: Shooting

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Author: Barry Dorf

Description: Customize your ultimate soccer experience! Decide the time, teams and difficulty - then guide your team to victory. GOOOAAALLLLLLL!

Instructions: Arrow keys to move; A to pass; S to shoot

Category: Sports

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How To Make Money With Your Jokes and Sense of Humor

Do you have a good sense of humor? Can you make people laugh with your funny jokes? Are you a natural comedian?

If so, then why not use your talent to earn money. Yes, there are lots of ways you can make extra income from your jokes, funny videos and other humorous ideas.

I believe that laughter is a universal language. Everyone enjoys smiling and laughing (well, except maybe those emo kids).

But anyway, if you’ve got the skill or the talent, then I suggest you consider these profitable ventures which could turn those funnies into monies.

Be A Comedian

This is probably the most obvious way to make money from being funny. If you’re good with an audience, then perhaps you can establish a career in the entertainment business as:

  • A stand-up comedian in night clubs, restaurants and of course, comedy bars.
  • A host or emcee for events like weddings, birthday parties, charity functions and many others.
  • An actor in sitcoms and movies. Break into the industry by joining talent searches or going to auditions.

If facing a crowd is not your cup of tea, then consider becoming a writer. Your original materials can still go a long way. All you need to do is:
  • Become a newspaper or magazine columnist (can you spell Jessica Zafra?)
  • Write your funny stories and publish them as a book (and be the next Bob Ong)
  • Become a scriptwriter for sitcoms or even write materials for comedians (they do run out jokes sometimes)
  • Or just start your own comic strip (just like what college buddy, LeRoy aka Lyndon Gregorio did with Beerkada)

Furthermore, there’s also a good market for witty and funny shirts, stickers, mugs and other imprintable items. Write your ideas down and sell them.
  • Start your own business, specially in apparel. Don’t be afraid of competition, there’s always room for unique and fresh ideas.
  • If you’re not feeling entrepreneurial, then perhaps just become a product developer for companies who market these kinds of items.
  • Or if you’re really feeling lazy and doesn’t want to go out, then check out Cafe Press and submit your funny thoughts and designs. When your idea sells, you’ll receive commission. Simple as that.
Start A Funny Blog

Make money online by starting a funny blog. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to constantly come up with original and funny content. Sometimes, your readers are more than willing to contribute funny stuff. Here are a couple of successful humor blogs for your inspiration:
Submit Your Jokes

Lastly, if you only have a handful of funny jokes, then try giving them to magazines that offer payment for contributions. One of the best places to submit your funny stuff is on Reader’s Digest. They’ll pay you $100 if your contribution gets chosen for publication (it used to be $150 though).  :D

How about you? Do you have any more ideas on how you can make money from jokes or being funny? Kindly share them below as a comment.

How to make money online by playing games - Tips

You can make money playing both online and offline computer games. Casual gamers can make a little extra pocket change at games they enjoy playing. More serious gamers can make a full-time income from competitive games. There are many different computer games you can make money playing, including the online versions of popular card and board games and action-packed player versus player (PvP) games.

  1. Step 1
    Check the system requirements of the games you wish to play. Upgrade your computer or purchase a new gaming computer, if necessary. For more serious gaming, you may need a very fast graphics card with its own on-board memory, a sound card with 3D capability, a joystick and a set of two or more sophisticated speakers with a subwoofer. You may also need to upgrade your CPU and RAM.

  2. Step 2
    Obtain software for games that are inexpensive or free to play. Sign up for an online account if the game is online. Play the games regularly. Work specifically on advancing your character's skills within the game, as well as your own personal gaming skills.

  3. Step 3
    Use the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool to see which games are searched most often. Write product reviews and tutorials about the games you play on sites that pay for articles. Also look for writing sites that pay a share of ad revenue. Write a title that's optimized for search engines, and make sure that the density of the primary keywords in the title is about 3 percent. Write a significant quantity of articles that offer helpful tips to the reader. You can also place your articles on your own website or blog if you prefer, then monetize it with Web advertising.

  4. Step 4
    Check websites that allow you to compete for cash prizes. Sites that pay cash for gaming include MSN Games, Gamesville and Play games such as Solitaire, Spades, Bejeweled 2 and Dynomite.

  5. Step 5
    Become a professional gamer when you become an expert at high-action games, such as Quake, Gears of War, Mortal Kombat and Unreal Tournament. Check the game manufacturer's website for information about upcoming tournaments in which you can compete with other gamers. Favor tournaments with prizes over $1,000. At first, compete in tournaments that are close to home or online to keep your costs down.

  6. Step 6
    Continue to play the games you've chosen regularly. Play the games very seriously, between eight and 12 hours per day, just before a tournament. Upgrade your computer hardware and software again to gain an edge over other gamers in the tournament.
Keep yourself physically fit while you're gaming. This will help to increase the speed of your reflexes. It will also help to prevent muscular atrophy, stress and weight gain that can come from sitting at a computer for long periods every day.


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