Prince of Persia Dos Game Free Download

Thought the story ended with Jaffar's death? Not so fast! After the prince defeated the evil Vizier, the Sultan, who has returned from the foreign wars, offered him great riches. But the stranger had only one wish - to marry his daughter. And so, the young couple lived happily...well, for eleven days.

One day, when the prince returned to the castle he noticed, confused, that noone recognised him, not even the princess. Great was his astonishment when he saw near the throne his perfect twin, as if ripped from his own flesh, acting in his place. Yes, Jaffar and his magic have returned! At the Vizier's command, the guards rushed to dispose of our hero. The streets were his only escape...

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & The Flame is a collection of 15 levels of pain and frustration, that is, comparing it with the first title in the series. The developers have really improved what was lacking consistence in Prince of Persia, but also ruined the element that made it popular in the first place: character control. The movement is not smooth anymore and the actions are made with an annoying lag after pressing the respective key, which often kills your attempts at jumping over a pit, for example.


Up - Jump up/climb up 
Down - Kneel/climb down
Left- Move left/Hold to run left
Right - Move right/Run right
Left/Up - Jump left/Far jump if running
Right/Up - Jump right/Far jump if running
Right-shift/Joystick button - Pick up/swing sword

Ctrl-A - Restart current level
Ctrl-R - Re
turn to intro
Ctrl-S - Sound on/
Ctrl-V - Version
Ctrl-Q - Quit to DOS
Shift-L - Next level


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